International Freight
(Air & Sea)

Our International Freight (Air & Sea) Solutions

A seamless delivery

• Same or next day collections across the UK

• Deliveries 7 days a week for your customers

• Flexible timeslots available

• Delivery to room of choice

• Installation & assembly service

• Removal of packaging materials & disposal

The International Freight (Air & Sea) service at Solaris Logistics specializes in shipments weighing 45 kilograms or more, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination reliably and efficiently, no matter where in the world it has to go.

Our international freight transport services include:

  • International shipping
  • End-to-end visibility to track your shipment, and
  • Flexible delivery times so you can be assured your delivery arrives safely and on time.

Choose from a variety of international freight options at Solaris Logistics, tailored to your budget, delivery requirements, and the size and weight of your cargo. Specializing in shipments weighing 45 kgs or more.

International Freight By Air

Working with a select group of airlines, we can transport your goods across all the world’s major international air freight routes so you can rest assured of an efficient service.

Ask us about our choice of safe and flexible air shipping services, which include a choice of delivery schedules to meet your needs. Our expertise lies in handling shipments weighing 45 + kgs.

International Freight By Sea

At Solaris Logistics we can access a wide range of different equipment and consolidation services for the sea shipping of your freight:

  • Cost efficient
  • Timely
  • Secure
  • Safe access to major container ports across the world.

Whether you need excess baggage services, efficient shop and ship options, full container shipping, or have any other shipment needs in the UK, Solaris Logistics is your trusted partner. Our comprehensive international freight services, specializing in shipments weighing 45 kilograms or more, cover all your needs.

For a fast, reliable international freight (air and sea) service use the contact form below to get a quote.

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Yes, absolutely. Doing regular routes is actually one of our specialties. Most of our clientele tend to be manufacturers who have regular deliveries to their clients, so this is something we can definitely help with.

Reach out to us on so we can start a conversation.

Yes, we can collect and deliver anywhere in the UK.

Yes, we do UK air cargo delivering to anywhere in the world.

Our fastest service is our emergency delivery or AOG where we can collect anything within 2 hours.