Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Palletised Delivery For Your Goods

palletised delivery

Palletised delivery is the backbone of goods logistics in the UK… perhaps even the world.

Palletised delivery is the backbone of goods logistics in the UK… perhaps even the world.

As a leading palletised delivery specialist firm based in Greater Manchester, we know all about the pitfalls of organising a pallet courier. That’s why we thought we would set out our top 5 facts about palletised delivery so you can be confident of getting your goods delivered safely and securely.

If you’re a business or an individual that deals with importing, exporting or just need some goods delivered, palletised delivery may well be what you need. So read on through our top five facts about palletised delivery and you will be well set to provide an excellent service and ensure your goods arrive to your customers in pristine condition.

1) Palletised Delivery Is Cost Effective

The method of loading a pallet of goods onto a trailer or van for delivery to another location is known as palletised delivery.

Opting to use a pallet delivery company offers one of the most low-cost ways of distributing goods. But also it can ensure your products are delivered safely and securely to their final destination.

Palletised used to be thought of as mainly a solution for business to business shipments. However, palletised delivery services are now frequently used for all kinds of logistics, including shipping products directly to the customer. Consumers are also finding it an affordable method of shipment, particularly for loads that are too large to be delivered as standard parcels.

But just because palletised delivery has become popular through its affordability, this doesn’t mean you will get the price from every pallet distribution company. Make sure you are getting the very best deal for your money by securing a quote.

2) Wrap Up Your Palletised Delivery Correctly

It is vital that pallets are prepared properly. It makes life easier for us, it means your goods are as safe and secure as possible, and ensures your customer gets the best experience possible. Things to remember when preparing your pallet:

●       Measure carefully. Make sure you know the dimensions and weight of your goods. Your delivery partner needs to know this in order to reserve enough space on the vehicle (although we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal)

●       Secure properly. Use lots of shrink wrap to secure all the parts of your delivery together, and to secure it to the pallet itself.

●       Strap it to the pallet. Tie it down, or better still use high-quality ratchet straps for a great way to add further security to your goods.

3) Stack Multiple Pallets

If you are sending more than one pallet it is essential that you know how to stack your palletised delivery safely and appropriately.

Pallets will often be stacked when they’re collected in order to maximise the use of the space available in the vehicle.

If your goods aren’t loaded correctly they could fall while en route, potentially damaging your shipment as well as other goods on the vehicle and harming the teams loading and unloading the goods.

●       Never use damaged pallets. Check your pallets carefully before loading to make sure they are in good condition

●       When loading multiple boxes onto a pallet, use boxes of a similar size stacked in columns in order to make the pallet stronger and resistant to damage

4) Check How Long Your Palletised Delivery Will Take

How long will your delivery take? There are multiple factors at play. It all depends on the pallet courier you choose, the amount of goods you need to send and the final location. Sending within the UK usually takes around two to five days. You may want to opt for a next-day service or even use our Emergency Delivery (AOG) Service to have it delivered within a few hours!

If you are shipping your palletised delivery overseas, naturally it will take a bit longer. There is of course the distance involved, but you also need to bear in mind getting your goods through customs (a customs clearance agent service can be useful). At Solaris Logistics, we have an International Freight (Air & Sea) Service for this purpose. Air freight is the one to use if you need the goods delivered within days, and ocean freight is typically used for non-urgent or larger shipments.

5) Track Your Shipment

At Solaris Logistics, we understand that you want to know where your goods are every step of the way. Check out our Track Your Driver service which allows you to keep tabs on your shipment throughout the journey.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 tips about palletised delivery. Remember: if you’re looking for unbeatable instant prices for palletised delivery, contact us today.

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